This is for those of you who don't understand some ranch terminology. If you see a word you can't figure out please comment and I will try to add it here. I will be adding to this dictionary thing as I go along.--P. B.

Branding: Marking calves with a hot iron to show who owns them.

Calving Season: from January thru May or longer, this is when the calves are born.

Calving: when the baby cows, aka calves, are born.

Coyote: this is a fierce dog or wolf like creature, it likes to kill and eat newborn calves and deer and that sort of stuff. Note: the name is pronounced "Ky-oat", NOT "Ky-oat-ee"

Draw: this is like a miniature canyon, only it's in dirt and the sides aren't (usually) so steep.

Palisade: defensive wall.

River Bottom: area where the river can meander. Here it has steep dirt banks, or short 'cliffs' if you will, on the edges of it. It is full of cottonwood trees.

Snipe: a mysterious creature, only lives in Wyoming.

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