just some thoughts

It's nearing Christmas....

I'm loooking forward to it, but it still doesn't seem real....only twelve days til Christmas!

Wasn't it just last week that I was gasping in the heat of summer? Surely yesterday I went barefoot outside.

But no. The years have begun to fly. It's strange, I remember when I was little, the weeks seemed to go by so slow! Now they fly past at the speed of light, it seems.

What is it that makes time fly? Busyness? Preoccupation? That is certainly abundant.

Not to say I don't like Christmas. I love it! It just doesn't feel like it's time yet. (Part of that might be we haven't got out Christmas tree up yet..... you never know.)

Well, I hope all you have a wonderful twelve days til Christmas!


the crossroads

I was up before the sun today. I didn't want to be, but we all had to get up early, because we eat breakfast together. The sunrise was pretty.

Sometimes I don't know what I want to do. (Actually, a lot of times.) I am a very undecided person. When I have a choice to make, and only I can make it, it's usually very hard. I can think of both pros and cons, and they are equal. So it's just what I want. And it's terribly hard to decide.

Do I want to go somewhere, for instance. Am I going alone? But it will be really fun to do that. But you have never gone on an airplane by yourself, or been in a totally different state alone. If I go though, it will impact the rest of my life, possibly. I really want to go. I really don't want to make the trip. (That's an example)

Crossroads are hard things. You will be impacted by the choice you make, for good or bad. You don't know which will turn out better, unless you see the future. Which will you choose?


the flag is there

As I told you last time, a mysterious fort has shown up in our trees. (That's about what the river bottom is--trees). Well, in the afternoons, Dave, Kirsten, Michelle, Jack, and I have been investigating it.

Last time we were there, a new thing had been added. A flag. The top half was green and the bottom half was blue, and it had a yellow star right in the middle. It was on a makeshift flag pole that was made out of a fallen tree.

We can't figure it out! I mean, there's no other ranch very close to this one spot on the river bank. So unless one of us is sneaking out and doing it, we have a mysterious visitor. If any of us are doing it, I would suspect Leon and Matt, and maybe Jeanne, but I doubt it.

We'll just have to watch and see.


A Stunner

And that is a fact about me...

What? You want to know it?


Are you sure?

I know, if you haven't read ahead this is driving you crazy.

But I'm  just happily driving you a little more crazy.

Maybe I'll do a picture. Just to make it harder to read ahead.

And you have no idea if this picture has anything to do with it or not.

well, actually, it does.

but not the way you think probably.

crazy yet?



If I want you to read any further, I need to get to the point.


So. I will.

I don't like riding.

Yes. That's right.

I am a ranch girl.

I don't even particularly like horses.

That's odd for a girl.

At least, a LOT of girls I know really like horses.

But I know horses.

I have to ride them to do cows.

And it's hard work.

Think this is long enough?