The Game

the game

the beginning

Trix looked absently at her computer screen. Advertisements were flicking across the internet site quickly, their bright colors blurring together in her eyes. Bored, she glanced at each one, then shook her head and continued down the screen. Ah, here was the thing! She moved the mouse on the screen and clicked the green button with the word “Games” on it.
A new screen popped up, showing a list of popular games. Trix scanned the list, looking for one that seemed interesting. One logo caught her eye. It showed someone wearing a trench coat, sunglasses, and the type of hat spies are stereotyped as wearing—all in brilliant neon green. The description read: “a game of skill, mystery, suspense, and guesswork—all in your own backyard.” That didn’t sound too bad. Trix idly clicked the button, expecting a computer game that was interesting at last.
The link went to what looked like an informational website, but she started reading to see if she could find out what exactly the game was. Pictures from spy movies were scattered over the site. The words were describing how fun the game was, how many people were playing it, and how many countries the people were from that were playing it—but she didn’t see what the game was. Finally a paragraph caught her eye.
“To play, you sign up here and give the information. You will then be randomly paired with another player. Neither of you will know the other’s identity. That is what you need to find out. You will be given one clue at first and the other person’s country of residence. One clue will be sent to you per week until you both have ten clues or one of you has solved the mystery. The goal: to find your opponent’s identity before he/she finds yours.”
Interested, Trix clicked the link to see how to sign up. She had to enter her full name, gender, age, street address, city, country of residence, and what state, province, or territory she lived in. She also had to give her job, email address, and a short bio. After she filled in those things, she clicked “continue”. A screen popped up, making sure that she really wanted to sign up. She thought about it a minute, then nodded her head and clicked “yes. Sign up now.” Her email dinged and the screen changed so it said that she had successfully signed up to play the game. Trix ‘x’ed out of the internet and looked at her email. The new one was from the Ultimate Spy Game company.

Dear Ms. Clark,
Thank you for joining our Ultimate Spy Game! We hope you will enjoy your time playing. You have been randomly matched with another person. Your opponent lives in the USA, and the first clue is: Your opponent lives in the state of Wyoming and has gone through the foster care system. You will receive another clue in exactly one week.

Thank you again for joining,

the executives at The Ultimate Spy Game Company.

Trix got up. Her chin length brown hair swished as she shook her head in disgust. What sort of clue was that? Someone who went through the foster care system… even she had gone through the foster care system! He lived in that far-off place called Wyoming? There were probably hundreds that fit the bill. Stalking off, Trix completely forgot the fact that there was now someone also looking for her.


the first week

“I am searching for a friend of one of my friends.”

The librarian looked up at the person dressed in black standing in front of her. “Well, I can probably help you search on the internet. What is this friend’s name?”

“Well, I sort of forgot when my friend told me. But I’m going on a trip, and I thought I might be able to stay with her.”

The librarian nodded. “Well, do you know anything else about this friend?”

“She lives in          , and she went through the foster care system. That’s all I can remember, unfortunately.”

Shaking her head, the librarian frowned. “I don’t think I can help you. That’s not enough information. Why don’t you ask your friend for help?”

The person sighed. “I don’t get to see my friend much anymore. But I’ll see. I might come back if I remember more.”

The librarian pursed her lips regretfully. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help.”

The person nodded and quietly strode around the corner, past the twisted paper tree and out the front doors of the library, then went across the street and disappeared behind the post office.


Ding-dong! The doorbell surprised Trix. She had been reading a magazine, but she hurriedly got up and went to the door of her apartment.

To her surprise, Alison, a girl she had met at work, was standing there.

“Hi, Trix!” She smiled brightly. “Since you invited me to come over anytime Saturday, I thought I might come now…I hope you don’t mind.”

Smiling back, Trix stood aside to let Alison in. “Oh, it’s fine you came over! In fact,” she smiled wryly, “I was getting a little bit bored. I don’t have much to do on Saturday.”

The young women sat chatting for a little while. Alison originally came from Wyoming, Trix learned in the conversation, and she had come to_______ to do her job. As she said this, Alison leaned forward in her chair. “You know, you really remind me of someone, Trix, but I can’t think who. You know, sometimes that happens and it’s so annoying.”

Trix nodded. “I know the feeling. You think you’ve seen someone before, or this person really reminds you of someone, but you can’t figure out who.”

Alison smiled. “So where do you come from?”

Trix stiffened. She didn’t like discussing her past. “I... have lived here most of my life. I was a foster child.”

Sympathy immediately showed in Alison’s eyes. “Oh, I didn’t realize… So do you know if you have any family?”

Trix shrugged halfheartedly. “I don’t really know. I may have had siblings, but I was never told.”

Alison looked down. “That’s too bad.”


the second week

Dear Ms. Clark,

Your opponent is a female and lives in a small town in the eastern half of the state.

The Executives at the Ultimate Spy Game Company

So. Small towns in the eastern half of Wyoming. Trix got out a map, and was promptly disappointed. All of the towns in Wyoming were small! Exasperated, Trix slammed the atlas shut and turned off the computer. If all the clues were like this, she would never figure out who her opponent was!


  1. OH MY WORD!!! I THINK YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!! :) *excited excited*

  2. I need more, NOW! It's really really good! Awesome story, it's at a too suspenseful area too be stopped:)

    1. Well, thank you! I will try to get more soon!


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